Our client is a leading international warehousing and logistics firm based in the US and specializes in warehousing for the food and beverage industry. The company has traditionally operated as a 3PL provider but is currently expanding its operations to develop its warehouse automation offering. This development has created a significant need for new talent in the organization, particularly with the experience and understanding of automated (in addition to traditional) supply chains and logistics.

As a leading automated logistics and supply chain recruitment agency, CrimsonXT was approached by an executive at the firm to support their search to fill a new VP role. This position would be responsible for leading the multinational’s progression into automated warehousing.


The challenge

With our client’s transition into more substantial automation already in progress, there was an immediate need for someone to equip and lead the firm in the move.

At the time, the associated responsibilities were being taken on by another executive, who was therefore both overstretched and being taken away from existing duties. The position needed to be filled with the right person, quickly.

However, finding someone who fit the bill was going to be a challenge. The successful candidate needed a breadth of knowledge and experience that’s difficult to come across, with expertise across both traditional and automated supply chain logistics, as well as the associated process and procedure. They also needed the management and interpersonal skills to quickly step in to equip an existing team, and the ability and willingness to take on this major transition.

The search for someone with this blend of skills in a scarce market could have taken months. Instead, we filled the position in just three weeks.


How did we do it?

To kick off the process, we invested time with our client’s team to better understand the requirements associated with the role. We explored the firm’s longer-term goals with regards to the transition, the implications of the vacancy, and the traits necessary in a successful candidate.

We began our search that same day, reaching out to our network of project management executives which yielded two candidates immediately. Over the next four days we undertook an industry-wide search, taking time with each potential candidate to properly explain the opportunity and the future of the role.

On day five we delivered a shortlist of five high-quality candidates. Having spoken with numerous relevant professionals, at this stage we also provided the client with tailored market feedback about what prospective candidates were looking for and the ways in which they could develop their offering.

From here, we supported them through an expedited interview process, coaching candidates and acting as a go-between to alleviate any potential concerns and reduce the risk of drop-outs. From our initial shortlist of five, the company selected a shortlist of two, and went on to hire one of these candidates within a few short weeks.

The chosen candidate is a highly technical, process and procedure-driven leader with extensive experience of both traditional and modern automation industries. We continued to work with him and our client’s hiring team to smooth out the negotiation of the contract, start-date and onboarding. We took the time to read through his entire contract and meet with him to talk through any queries. This support increased his confidence in the move and all of this contributed to a positive, straightforward onboarding process.



Two months on and our candidate has seamlessly transitioned into the role, confidently leading the firm into this new phase. He has already created bespoke training plans to develop the company’s existing Project Managers. His work has also freed up his peers time to focus on their primary responsibilities and enabled the company as a whole to progress this exciting transition into automation.

After a successful experience recruiting this role with CrimsonXT, the client has decided to pursue an exclusive, larger-scale partnership with CrimsonXT. And, with expert recruiters across a range of specialisms, we’re able to support this diverse international organisation as they look to hire a range of executive roles across the business, beyond their automation division.

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In the meantime, feel free to download our VP role specialist talent acquisition case study to share with your internal talent team.