The Simone Taylor Fund

Our mission is to fundraise for charities working towards the prevention and treatment of cancer and those helping and supporting individuals living with cancer.

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Invenia Charity
Invenia Charity

Our story

In August 2021, our colleague and friend Simone Taylor sadly passed away from triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 32. Simone was BRCA1 positive, and it is estimated that 1 in 40 women of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage is BRCA+ making them 10 times as likely to carry a BRAC mutation as someone in the general population. This raised her lifetime risk of developing breast cancer from a 12% to 72%.

Raising money to support cancer charities was a cause very close to Simone’s heart. Triple-negative breast cancer is a particularly aggressive and devastating form of the disease, which mostly occurs in women under 50. Around 70% of breast cancers diagnosed in people with an inherited BRCA mutation, particularly BRCA1, are triple-negative. There are fewer targeted treatments for the disease and approximately 46% of TNBC patients will go on to develop distant metastasis. More research is desperately needed to develop new drugs and treatments for TNBC specifically.

The Simone Taylor fund will donate to a variety of cancer charities selected by her family and colleagues. These charities support genetic diagnosis, scientific discovery and research, the development of new treatments or help those currently living with cancer.

Our chosen charities

We are donating to a selection of amazing charities that are aligned with our mission:

Our events

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
29 Sep, 2022

We’ll be joining groups across the country and hosting a bake sale to raise funds for Macmillan as part of their World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Raised: £229

Goal: £100

Festive Fundraiser
08 Dec, 2022

We gathered for booze, bakes and a Christmas quiz to raise money for St Gemma’s Hospice this festive season!

Raised: £500

Goal: £200

Leeds Marathon 2023
14 May, 2023

Paul will be running the Leeds Marathon next May to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Raised: £0

Goal: £1,000