Our client is an international 3PL provider that offers storage, transportation, and distribution services for temperature-sensitive products. The firm is currently expanding its operations to develop its warehouse automation division, which has created significant need for new talent across numerous teams and divisions.

There is a particular need for experience and understanding of automated (in addition to traditional) supply chains and logistics, which had previously been lacking.

CrimsonXT Automation was originally enlisted for its expertise in automation executive search to support the company’s urgent need for a Vice President of Project Management Office (VP PMO). In just three weeks we placed a highly experienced leader, who quickly got to work leading the firm’s progression into automated temperature-controlled warehousing. The ease and success of this hiring process meant that we were the first port of call when internal restructuring opened up numerous vacancies for key positions.



Our client needed critical hires in project management, design engineering, project controls, scheduling and engineering. Spanning the breadth of the company’s operations, these roles would help pioneer the firm’s expansion into warehouse automation and robotics across the board. However, the scope of the vacancies called for a recruitment partner with networks and experience across a wide range of disciplines and locations, as well as the depth of specialist knowledge in the industry.

Having experienced our expertise and quality of service, they quickly decided to take CrimsonXT on as a permanent partner to fill 15 new positions in the following months.



To kick off the process, we invested time with key stakeholders for each role, to thoroughly understand the requirements and challenges associated with each role. We also uncovered the core competencies and traits necessary in each successful candidate to ensure alignment between everyone involved.

Over the course of the next few months, in line with project timelines, we mapped out the market and began to source a range of capable professionals appropriately qualified for each role.

A whole fifteen times over, we screened possible candidates, delivered high-quality shortlists, supported the hiring team through seamless interview processes and coached candidates to alleviate any potential concerns.

We acted as a brand ambassador for our client, improving candidate confidence and minimising risk of drop-outs throughout the process. And finally, for each role we worked collaboratively with internal teams to smooth out contract negotiations and meet with candidates to talk through any queries.

Our support ensured that both parties were confident and clear throughout, contributing to positive onboarding processes, all fifteen times.



The positions filled include: Senior Director – Program Management, Director – Project Management, Senior Program Manager, Senior Director – Project Controls, Senior Director – Solution Design, Design Manager, Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, Solution Integration Manager and Project Scheduler.

Six months on and all 15 candidates have seamlessly transitioned into their roles, helping lead teams and guide the firm’s work as it expands its operations in this arena. We’ve been proud to help empower this new area of work for the company, and they continue to enlist our support in helping to grow their diverse international organisation beyond their automation division.



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