CrimsonXT is a global talent and executive search partner to firms in the industrial technology space. Our executive search, permanent and contract recruitment services deliver world-class executive, commercial and technical talent, at speed.

From innovative start-ups to global enterprises, our clients trust and retain us because we consistently fill their most challenging vacancies. And our candidates rate us because they land career-enhancing positions at companies addressing some of the world’s most complex industrial challenges.

Meet our founders

Meet our founders

When traditional recruitment ‘best’ practices kept falling short and cultures prioritized self-interest and personal gain over the quality of service, CrimsonXT Founders, Paul, Chris and James, (pictured left to right) set out to create a dynamic and progressive approach to talent acquisition.

Fuelled by over 35 years of collective recruitment experience and the vision that happy employees equates to happy clients and candidates, the trio set up CrimsonXT with a clear ethos; to champion long-term relationship-building over quick, transactional gain.

CrimsonXT clients would experience transparent, tailored-made, quality services delivered at speed. Over the years, as we cultivated strong recruitment teams that we support with industry-expertise and a service model, speed has become our secret weapon. We accomplished in days, what typically took competitors weeks.

Our values-driven approach

We are all ambitious and driven people. We know that sustainable success comes from doing the best job and building long-term partnerships.

Our results-driven approach means we are part of our industries, build networks and treat everyone we encounter with respect! To do this we are self-motivated, accountable and adaptable.

We are transparent with everyone we work with and upfront about challenges during the hiring process so we can work together for the best outcome.

We do our jobs to the highest standard. Our candidates are individuals with ambitions and feelings that we respect at all times.

We are competitive and ambitious, but that doesn’t mean we are egotistical. We share knowledge and best practice and celebrate success together.

Our role in this industry is so important – we support the growth of some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world. We are invested in the success of the companies we work with.

Case studies

Case studies

CEOs, hiring managers, talent acquisition leaders and HR teams around the world partner with CrimsonXT to hire specialist commercial, technical and operational talent. Browse our case studies to learn how other technology and construction companies are finding success with CrimsonXT.