Strategic talent solutions to strengthen HVAC leaders’ operational efficiency and global presence within the Data Centre vertical.


CrimsonXT has partnered with a pioneer in manufacturing efficiency for several years, helping them to build out their numerous functions within the business with 15 hires over the past 3 years. Due to this trusting partnership, the company got in touch with us to help hire their next team member – a Data Centre Operations Lead.



The successful candidate would be responsible for overseeing team operations, maintenance, safety compliance, collaborations, vendor management, documentation, expansion projects, and incident escalation. This was a fully remote position crucial for bridging global teams, requiring an individual adept at managing unstructured hours and liaising across time zones to communicate with the rest of the team.

The organisation faced the challenge of expanding its European presence without a dedicated in-house talent acquisition team in the European market. They needed specialized operational roles and had a lack of employer branding, so they turned to us to address their hiring needs.


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Following discussions with the company and understanding their unique role requirements, we recognized the strategic advantage of hiring both a Data Centre Operations Lead and a Data Centre Process Manager for the company. The Data Center Process Manager we envisioned would provide market expertise but also implement the required processes and operational structures to provide the required level of service to their clients.

Leveraging our extensive industry network within the HVAC market, we presented the organisation with a shortlist of four candidates within just a month of receiving the job brief. Out of the four candidates shortlisted, two were taken to the next stage. One of the selected individuals came from a competitor company so had exceptional knowledge of the data center market, another had pre-existing relationships with the company’s target customers, so would fit the Data Center Leader position perfectly. Both were hired the same month they were shortlisted.


Now, eight months into their roles, our candidates have seamlessly integrated into the company’s operations team. With these roles filled, the organisation has been able to strengthen its global presence and enhance its operational efficiency. By addressing their talent needs strategically, we’ve not only facilitated their hiring requirements but also positioned them for sustained growth and success in the competitive market.

As we remain partnered with the organisation, we continue to work on other exciting opportunities within the product management, engineering and finance sectors.



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