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From the first contact, I always felt comfortable with CrimsonXT. Every question I had was cleared within 2-4 days, this is not a service you will see everywhere. I would definitely recommend them because they always look for the best opportunity and have a very good network in warehouse automation!

Matt is very friendly, highly professional, and reliable. He was incredibly detailed in explaining the complete role and company, supported me a lot through the entire process, and always kept me updated. Matt is extremely helpful, focused on support, shows great attention to detail, and so understands the market and executive search. Highly recommended!

CrimsonXT can make connections through its style and have a true understanding of its clients’ markets, businesses, and the skills required to fulfil their needs. You feel like they are an employee within their organization. It was truly refreshing to work with CrimsonXT. The team works to understand you and your desires/interests to ensure a ‘fit’ with their client’s requirements. Once engaged, the team stays involved providing valuable insight and coaching to prepare you for success. It worked, which is why they are so successful. On top of this, they are genuine people who care about you.

I’ve worked with quite a few recruiters over the years, both as a hiring manager and also in my own pursuits, and I would highly recommend CrimsonXT.

I’d highly recommend CrimsonXT to anyone in the Material Handling Industry interested in a change. They are extremely professional and very easy to talk to. They were able to connect me with an amazing opportunity with a great company.

Working with CrimsonXT was an absolute delight. From the beginning, CrimsonXT displayed exceptional professionalism, providing timely feedback, and swift responses and ensuring the process remained on schedule. The team went above and beyond to understand my career aspirations and skill set, creating a genuine connection and instilling trust. Their personalized attention and insightful feedback helped me gain a better understanding of my strengths and areas for growth. I was impressed by the seamless and efficient manner in which the process was conducted. I cannot thank CrimsonXT enough for their unwavering commitment to my success. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such dedicated and talented professionals.

It was a great and successful journey to a new job and job level with the full support of Laiken. The recruiting was not only on a very professional level, it was a personal relationship that grew more and more. Laiken is a trustworthy partner whose honest interest is to create chances and opportunities. His guidance, support and mentoring through the recruiting process were beyond state-of-the-art. I truly recommend Laiken’s work to everyone who wants to go the next step in his or her career.

CrimsonXT Automation did an excellent job matching me to companies that fit my career goals, company values, and salary expectations. They do a great job advocating for you to the company and is in constant communication with you. My recruitment consultant is knowledgeable about automation and robotics and is an excellent recruiter for the companies he partners with. Thanks again!

I cannot recommend Matt enough. He recruited me through LinkedIn for a sales position at a competitive company, one of which I had already interviewed at a few years back. I never thought I would have another opportunity to apply for another role with them.

Matt helped me every step along the way when speaking with the employer. The role I applied for I didn’t get because of the geographics, but they still considered me a strong candidate and made room for me at the company.

I have made the career change of a lifetime, and now have a real work life balance, where I can be closer to home. Can’t thank Matt enough for his hard work and commitment.

Probably the most effective recruiting experience so far in my professional career. CrimsonXT Automation got in contact with me approximately 7 months ago with an opportunity in the AMR business industry and since the first contact, my recruitment consultant demonstrated their knowledge of the market and qualities as a recruiter. Including the endless patience to match their schedule with my busy travel agenda. The overall process was smooth and successfully completed. I definitely recommend the CrimsonXT Automation team if you are looking for a valuable business partner and/or looking for career opportunities.

I am very grateful for the level of professionalism Matt exhibited at all times throughout my selection process. He explained the duties of the role in great detail, always ensuring that my skills matched those required for the role and that my aspirations were met not only in the short term but in the long term as well. Matt has a great knowledge of the key players in the HVACR sector and I would recommend him as a contact when looking for an ambitious career change in the sector.

I am thrilled to write this recommendation for Matt, who played a crucial role in facilitating my successful job placement. Matt’s exceptional professionalism, direct communication, and swift responses were instrumental in making the entire recruitment process a seamless and positive experience. From our first interaction, Matt exhibited a high level of expertise and understanding of my skills. His ability to assess my qualifications and match them with the right job opportunities showcased a deep knowledge of the industry. Matt’s direct and transparent communication style kept me well-informed at every stage, fostering a sense of trust and confidence throughout the process.

What sets Matt apart is not only his proficiency in evaluating technical skills but also his keen insight into cultural fit and long-term career compatibility. He took the time to understand not just what I could do, but also what I wanted to achieve in my career. This personalized approach ensured that the opportunities presented were not just suitable but aligned perfectly with my aspirations.
Matt’s commitment to ensuring a good fit extended beyond the technical aspects of the role. His holistic assessment considered the work environment, team dynamics, and overall career growth potential, ensuring that I was not only a qualified candidate but also positioned for long-term success. I am sincerely grateful for Matt’s dedication and expertise, which played a pivotal role in securing a position that aligns perfectly with my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a headhunter who combines professionalism with a personalized touch. Thank you, Matt, for your outstanding support in my career journey.

Ryan was attentive throughout the process. He was able to work with both the employer and potential candidate to get a fair compensation package in place. He followed up consistently. I would recommend him to either employers or potential candidates.

I am thrilled to recommend CrimsonXT, stellar recruiters who played a crucial role in my recruitment for my most recent career change. The team’s support throughout the hiring and negotiation process was exceptional. Their deep understanding of both candidate needs and organizational requirements made the entire process seamless and efficient. They demonstrated remarkable professionalism and empathy, ensuring that all my queries and concerns were addressed promptly and satisfactorily. Their negotiation skills are commendable, balancing the interests of both parties with fairness and integrity. Their ability to foster a positive and transparent communication environment truly sets the team apart. Any job candidate or company would be fortunate to work with CrimsonXT, as their expertise and approach make the recruitment experience both rewarding and successful.