Ways you can partner with us

We provide three primary working models, but recognize that each company’s hiring needs are unique. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor a bespoke service to your requirements. Additionally, our cost structure is designed with early-stage ventures in mind, ensuring access to top candidates in the market.

Introducing our full partnership retained search service

Introducing our full partnership
retained search service

Our Full Partnership service offers tailored talent solutions designed to identify and attract exceptional talent, tailored to your specific needs.

Employer brand support Building a strong employer brand takes time. Let us help with creating for you an employer brand pack designed to showcase your company to the right candidates.
Streamlined recruitment cycle Our process has been meticulously crafted for efficiency at every step.
Dedicated expert team With the Full Partnership service, your organization benefits from a dedicated team of experts versed in your talent landscape, your industry and focused on your recruitment needs.
Thorough candidate vetting We ensure that each candidate is rigorously vetted, delivering only the most qualified individuals for your consideration.
Comprehensive replacement guarantee We stand confidently behind our service with a robust replacement guarantee, reflecting our dedication to a long-term recruitment partnership.
Proven track record of success Our approach has consistently yielded outstanding results, demonstrating our ability to provide a high return on your talent acquisition investment.

Full partnership
retained search process

We develop a deep understanding of your business, objectives and the role whilst delivering insights into the talent landscape and salary expectations.

We use a blended approach, including reaching out to our existing network, headhunting and advertising, to reach both active and passive candidates.

We conduct a 2-stage screening process to assess candidates’ technical experience, motivators for leaving and suitability with your business.

Our industry knowledge and understanding of your business means only the most qualified candidates will be presented to you.

We coordinate and arrange the interview process and provide feedback and support throughout. We also offer assessment tools, including psychometric testing.

We provide consultative advice and support to you to devise an offer that works for your business as well as being attractive for the right candidate.

We establish strategic long-term partnerships with our clients during the recruitment process, becoming extensions of their businesses and a sounding board.

I, like many people, have found the process of recruiting a time-consuming minefield. CrimsonXT makes my life easier. They have taken the time to understand the type of individuals we are looking for and they won’t introduce anybody that they know isn’t the right character, regardless of their CV.

CrimsonXT are a pleasure to deal with and I thoroughly recommend them to anybody that ignores their phone every time they get a call from their current choice of recruitment company; it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Managing Director, Full Partnership Client

Our commitment to transparency

As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional service to every client, we will agree on the frequency and format of updates at the outset to ensure transparency throughout the process. In our Full Partnership service, you will also enjoy access to a portion of our database, providing you with continuous visibility into our progress and complete transparency regarding all our work.

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