Battery Management Systems Lead

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About the job

We are looking for a Battery Management System (BMS) Team Lead. You’ll spearhead the development and management of the BMS installed in our clients innovative flying cars. Your responsibilities will include formulating battery requirements, managing relationships with partner companies, conducting evaluation tests, and compiling evidence for aviation certifications. This role offers the opportunity to be part of a collaborative team working towards the common goal of developing cutting-edge flying cars. *Relocation to Japan with VISA Support.*

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Formulate battery requirements based on aircraft system requirements and battery specifications, and prepare BMS and charger specifications.
  2. Build relationships and manage projects with partner companies for design and production.
  3. Conduct evaluation tests to assess the performance of the flying unit, including the airframe system and battery, and identify any issues.
  4. Summarize evidence such as safety analysis and design review results to obtain type certifications.

Essential Skills:

  • Experience in designing, evaluating, and verifying aircraft electrical components.
  • Experience in BMS, Battery Management Unit (BMU), Electronic Control Unit (ECU) development or evaluation.
  • Experience leading project development.

Desirable Skills:

  • Knowledge of CAN communication.
  • Experience in developing flying unit safety systems.
  • Experience in developing State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimation control logic for batteries.
  • Proficiency in using MatLab and Simulink.
  • Knowledge of charger interfaces such as CCS.
  • Proficiency in English for coordinating with suppliers and preparing documents.

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