Our client is an early stage eVTOL company, specialising in precision agriculture across the US. Backed by some of the world’s largest agribusiness leaders, our client aims to transform crop protection with the first integrated, US-manufactured, commercial-scale eVTOL system purpose-built for agriculture.

Following the company’s quick progression, and on the verge of closing a Series A funding round, the startup was looking to set up a new manufacturing and engineering function as cost-effectively as possible. They planned multiple hires, including a VP of Manufacturing, who would be a key hire – responsible for setting up the function.



At the point the firm approached our Electric Aviation team to assist in this pivotal hire of a VP of Manufacturing, they had created a broad job description with a long list of needs and wants, to cover all manufacturing aspects of the role.

More importantly, in an attempt to hit their core goal; to maximise cost savings, they didn’t think it would be possible to hire the necessary individuals before their Series A.



Once we fully understood the client’s requirements, we recognized an opportunity to combine both the manufacturing and engineering aspects of the company’s needs into a single position to help minimise costs. We were then able to specify candidates in the market that would tick more boxes than expected, at a stage where this was vital for the company’s progression.

Leveraging our network and expertise in talent acquisition, we identified a candidate with a relevant background and previous experience working with startup venture companies. This candidate possessed the desired experience in the start-up space, having successfully scaled companies from an early stage, while adeptly wearing multiple hats.

Our understanding of the client’s needs allowed us to help them specify the ideal candidate profile, providing guidance on the market availability of individuals who would surpass their expectations.

We swiftly facilitated the hiring process, streamlining the interview stages and ensuring an on-site presence as requested by the client.



Within 4 weeks, we had filled the role. Our prompt action in expediting the recruitment process enabled us to exceed the client’s expected timelines, and the candidate seamlessly integrated into the company.

As a result, the manufacturing and engineering functions were efficiently established before the funding round, ensuring the company was able to stay ahead of the curve, and three months into the candidate’s tenure, the company successfully closed its anticipated funding round.

This placement not only helped secure the necessary financial resources, but also marked the beginning of the company’s journey towards achieving its growth objectives.

We continue to maintain an ongoing relationship with the client, providing support and expertise as they build out their goals.



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