Our client, a global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company specializing in custom automation solutions, approached CrimsonXT Automation to help enhance their pre-sales division, with a primary focus on the US market. The existing pre-sales process was characterized by inefficiencies, resulting in missed opportunities and lost sales.

We had previously worked with this client on multiple successful placements including Sales Engineers, Program Managers and Design Engineers, so we were confident in our abilities to utilize our network and find this client its next employee.



The primary challenge our client faced was a disorganized pre-sales process that hindered their ability to seize opportunities and efficiently convert leads into sales. The absence of distinct roles for sales engineering and solution development teams created confusion, leaving the sales team frustrated and the conversion rates unsatisfactory. This disjointed approach ultimately delayed the company’s growth and profitability.



Our client had already established a strong and trusting relationship with us over the years. This was not the first project we had worked on together, and the successful outcomes of previous collaborations had built a foundation of trust. Our track record of delivering results and our in-depth understanding of our client’s business made them confident in our ability to tackle this crucial challenge.

Successful outcomes of previous collaborations had built a foundation of trust.

CrimsonXT implemented a comprehensive solution to address our client’s sales challenges. This involved restructuring the pre-sales division by creating two distinct roles – sales engineering and solutions development.

  1. Sales engineering would be responsible for pre-sales activities, including technical demonstrations, site visits, and technical oversight of solution development.
  2. Solution development, on the other hand, would focus on designing and delivering customized solutions based on the customer’s specific needs.


As a result of the implemented strategy, our client experienced significant improvements in their pre-sales division, including:

Streamlining Sales: The division of the sales department into sales engineering and solution development allowed our client to concentrate on their core strengths, streamlining the sales process.

Increased Sales Pipeline: This reorganization led to a noticeable increase in the sales pipeline and provided more opportunities to convert leads into customers.

Higher Win Rates: The improvements were particularly evident in the solution development stage. Our client’s ability to deliver customized solutions that met their customers’ specific needs more efficiently led to a remarkable increase in the win rate, which escalated from 7% to 28% within one year.

Customer Satisfaction: The introduction of the sales engineering role enabled our client to offer more comprehensive pre-sales support, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction. This strengthened trust and confidence, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and loyalty.



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