Our client is a rapidly growing technology firm at the forefront of the mobile robotics industry. They specialise in the development of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to automate material handling tasks and transform the way warehouses and distribution centres operate, making them more efficient, cost-effective, and productive.

The firm has seen successful growth in Asia and the US and were looking to expand their operations into the European warehouse automation market. Having been based and headquartered in China since the outset, this was a big move both geographically and culturally.

We partnered with the robotics firm previously to hire talent across a range of teams. This, alongside our knowledge of mobile robotics and associated networks within the European market, meant that we were the perfect recruiting partner to help them pioneer their first teams there.



Our client came to us for help with building a team of four Country Sales Managers across Europe, to spearhead their expansion into the region. Entering an entirely new geographical region for the first time poses unique challenges to any firm, and this was no exception. They would have to navigate new languages, currencies, cultural norms, market dynamics and employment legislation. Further to these practical obstacles, our client also had to battle having little-to-no brand awareness in the region, so building trust with possible candidates was more of a challenge.

They understood the importance of building their reputation in the region, and also that fundamental to that was trusting local, time-served industry experts to lead this work. These country managers would have unparalleled understanding of local market dynamics, customers and end-users, and ultimately be most successful in attracting business and developing the brand in their sales territory.



A big part of our role in this project was as a constant partner and source of knowledge to the client; we provided insights, answered questions and supported on everything from candidate attraction to local contracts compliance. We also served as a crucial liaison between client and candidate, leveraging our cultural understanding and language skills to develop relationships in a way the client’s own team couldn’t.

Over the course of just two weeks, we identified a range of professionals across Europe with the relevant sales skills and experience, as well as an interest in investing the necessary time and energy in building the client’s brand and customer interest. We championed the work and mission of our client to get real buy-in from candidates and get them excited about pioneering this new offering in their respective regions.

We soon delivered a shortlist of candidates and worked with the client’s HR and talent acquisition teams to select the most suitable candidates for them. Supporting all stakeholders through the interview process, we were able to act as a go-between to alleviate potential concerns on either side and reduce the risk of drop-outs.



All four of these sales managers were onboarded quickly and efficiently, and have since been fundamental to our client partner getting acquainted within their new markets. The firm has established numerous successful partnerships across the region and are now one of the fastest growing Robotics businesses in Europe, with a team of over 20 based at offices in the Netherlands.



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