At CrimsonXT we don’t just create careers for our candidates. We are proud to say we also make the job of recruitment an attractive, fun, inspiring and fulfilling career option, for our recruitment consultants too. 

Here’s an interview with Matt Challinor – Team Manager of our Energy team. Matt joined CrimsonXT in November 2019 as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, and now leads our growing CrimsonXT Energy team as Team Manager.



Matt, what was it that initially made you want to work within the recruitment industry?

There were a few things really – when looking into recruitment as a potential career, I was already aware of the progression opportunities it offered, so it was something I knew I could grow and develop within. Executive search appealed to me because of the opportunity to build out your own team. I also knew there was an opportunity to have more of a global outlook within my market, which really appealed to me. I find it really interesting learning how markets differ from region to region and how different products and technologies are at the forefront of the push for decarbonisation.


Why do you think you’ve been so successful in your time at CrimsonXT?

When I joined the company back in 2019, CrimsonXT had no existing presence in the HVACR industry, so it probably took longer than I expected to progress in my first year. Luckily though, my management team expressed complete trust in me and my capabilities, and with support from them, it seems to have paid off!

Being in an office surrounded by success is also a huge push for me. Motivation is key in recruitment and being surrounded by people doing well and able to offer you that support when you need it really gives me that push to want to succeed.


How have you found the quick growth of your team in just a couple of months?

Growing my own team has been a huge learning curve for me. It’s no longer just about my own billings, it’s about team growth, coaching and developing. You have to really allocate time to each consultant, focus on their goals and their progression, and juggle your own time with that.

This has been my first management position, so it’s really forced me to grow! I want to be the colleague that junior members of staff can come to for support and advice – so success within my own team is really exciting to me, and I’m really proud of where I’ve got to so far.


Do you find your environment supportive of your career? Do you think this is important for career growth?

100%! We have internal trainers, management training, directors of the company that are widely involved and there to lean on when you’re struggling, and you’re surrounded by likeminded consultants who are just as keen to see you do well as they are to see themselves succeed. Everyone recruits differently, and everyone sees success differently, but our office is a really great environment to learn from each other.

We have weekly management meetings and monthly management training sessions where all managers within the company come together to voice their concerns, discuss things that are working well within their teams, and then work on the overall strategy of the company. I think this is really important because it gives you a sense of team potential – you can really visualise where your team could grow to, and with this support from all angles it all seems easily doable.


What are your plans to develop your team in the future?

Right now, I want to walk before I can run! I’m keen to focus on managing a team of 3 right now. I want to be sure that everyone is supported with all aspects of recruitment and what they need to be successful before I dive into the next challenge.


What are your future goals and ambitions?

I see myself eventually developing into a senior member of the team. I want to build out this division, tap into new markets and ultimately, the goal is to build my team over in our New York office and ultimately have the highest performing division in the company!


What are your personal highlights from your time here?

The incentives at the business are fantastic! I’ve been able to enjoy holidays to Majorca and Croatia, plenty of Michelin star restaurants, as well as a fantastic amount of team days out and dinners to celebrate successes. All the incentives really make you feel like a valued member of the team.

Last year, I also had the opportunity to fly to Las Vegas to attend the AHR Expo – this was a huge success and I returned to work having met some great clients and candidates, as well as some fantastic new connections and new business.


What have you found the most difficult during your time of growth?

The most difficult part of management is probably managing my own time as well as supporting others as this is something I’m completely new to. There’s a lot of extra responsibility that comes with being a manager, so there’s suddenly not as much time for your own billing. You really need to balance the time you are giving to your team members with your own time – obviously you still have goals and things to achieve yourself, so this is something I’m really trying to focus on.


And finally, what advice would you give to anyone looking to develop a career in recruitment?  

I would say really investigate the companies you’re applying to – be sure that they offer investment into development! You also need to be resilient and able to brush off a bad day, and don’t be afraid to work with your managers and peers to ensure you’re on the right path.

Also, be consistent! There will always be disappointments and lows in your job, that’s just the name of the game. But if you continue to do the right things that you know work, you’ll come out on top!


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