Our client is a leading international manufacturer of HVAC, air and data centre cooling solutions. Though based in the US, the firm also has offices across Asia and Europe and serves a range of industries, from hospitality to pharmaceuticals.

The client came to us after struggling for nine months to find an Area Sales Manager for an existing team based in France. They were in need of a capable manager who could lead business development in the region and, despite interviewing plenty of candidates, had been unable to get the vacancy filled.



The right candidate needed to be based in Northern France, have language skills in both French and English and be experienced in the HVAC industry. As such, the available talent pool in the region was relatively limited. However, the team were also struggling to get buy-in from those candidates who were sourced and interviewed, despite the role being a great opportunity.



We met with the team and conducted a thorough review of the requirements of the position and their hiring strategy. As well as sourcing high-quality candidates, we coached individuals through the interview process and were able to ascertain some key insights and honest feedback which transformed the search.

Having CrimsonXT as a third party meant individuals were able to be candid with us about their experience of the interview process. We found that, despite being originally interested in the role, candidates were leaving meetings feeling unsure rather than excited and sold on the opportunity – leading many of them to drop out of the process.

We were able to leverage the insights gained to help our client review and improve their interview process; from the way meetings were organised to how they described the opportunity. Through some simple changes, the team were able to hugely increase candidate confidence and get the buy-in they had struggled to find. For example, increasing the emphasis on the benefits of the company and the opportunity during each interview and proactively communicating the next steps to the candidates. From that point onwards, we were able to close the process within just a month.



We were so pleased to provide our client with an excellent professional with the skills and experience to lead sales in a key region. However, further to this, our support in this process permanently transformed the team’s hiring strategy and success. By offering our knowledge and experience, we helped them to optimise processes to increase the speed and outcomes of all future recruitment.



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