Our client is a leading international manufacturer of HVAC solutions, specialising in warm air heaters. Though based in the US, the firm also has offices across Europe and serves a range of industries, from hospitality to warehousing.



With well-established operations in both the US and Europe, CrimsonXT Energy was enlisted by the client to source two account managers to build and maintain successful client relationships in the region. The team had been struggling to find the right candidates themselves and were unsure why. They had experience working with us – we had previously supported the client’s expansion into France – and were therefore confident in our ability to successfully deliver on their requirements.

Upon searching the market and engaging potential candidates, we uncovered the challenge here; the employer’s brand reputation in the UK was seemingly quite poor and preconceptions about the company were turning candidates away. We were able to ascertain these insights because, acting as a third-party, candidates were candid with us about their concerns.



Having established a good understanding of the positions and their associated requirements, we delivered a shortlist of three exceptional candidates in under a fortnight. All three candidates were so good that the client felt further rounds of interviews were unnecessary and the two successful individuals were onboarded within a month.

But apart from providing top-tier candidates, why was CrimsonXT so important in this process?

One of the main reasons is our employer brand and advocacy role. One of the hires had over 30 years of experience and a rich network in the space; a perfect match with the job requirements. However, they were extremely hesitant to attend an interview due to their preconceptions about the company, and almost backed out. We took the time to discuss with them the business’ new strategies and address their concerns about the role. As a result, the individual attended the interview and loved it. They were really excited about the opportunity and were offered the position shortly after.

Another important role we play is in offering our expert support and advice to the client throughout the hiring process. Of the three candidates interviewed, two were then offered positions. However, in a later conversation with one of the candidates who had received an offer, their demeanour raised some concerns for us around their cultural fit with the organization. So much so, that – counter to the client’s decision – we felt compelled to advise them of our concerns and recommend that they opt for the other candidate, based on our thorough evaluation of both individuals. They rescinded the offer as a result of our advice, and placed the other candidate who has now been successfully in post for over six months.



This project was a particularly rewarding one for us, as it presented numerous opportunities for us to add value as a consultative talent partner, and as experts in hiring strategies more broadly. Our partnership enabled the client to wrap up two business-critical hiring processes in record time, securing them two experienced and expert managers to build and maintain their client base in the UK.

Engaging CrimsonXT as a separate third-party meant that individuals were able to be candid with us about any concerns, conversations that provided the client with invaluable insights.

We were able to make the process simple and successful and it’s a pleasure to see these placements thriving in their new positions, well over six months later.


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