At CrimsonXT we don’t just create careers for our candidates. We are proud to say we also make the job of recruitment an attractive, fun, inspiring and fulfilling career option, for our recruitment consultants too.

Here’s an interview with Josh Langley – Business Unit Leader of our Automation team. Josh joined CrimsonXT as a Recruitment Consultant in April 2019 and is now Business Unit Leader of our fast-growing automation team and known widely across the industry for his recruitment expertise.



So, Josh, to begin – what was it that initially made you want to work within the recruitment industry?

Recruitment appealed to me initially as I was looking for a career where I could achieve financial stability and build my own team. Working in recruitment meant I could have a bit more control over my time and ultimately lay out a financial plan to get me out of my student debt and achieve what I was aiming for in my personal life!


Why do you think you’ve been so successful during your time so far at CrimsonXT?

For me, it comes down to planning. Not only planning my own financial goals, but I also like to be sure I’ve got a clear roadmap of how my experience could be beneficial to our new hires, and then I look to coach, support and develop them into higher positions.

In terms of my own personal success, I think understanding what type of people we need to bring into the team and how my success can encourage their success has been really beneficial. I’m constantly moving the goal posts; I’m not fixed on one goal and then that’s it. I like to hit one goal and then straight onto the next – keeping it moving!


Have you always wanted to be a manager or is this something you’ve gradually developed into?

I’ve always wanted to be a manager. I hated the idea of going through my career depending on myself and working on my own. I’ve always been part of teams, even from a young age – whether that was when I was captain of my football team or leading my peers in my roles. Sharing success to me is more rewarding than keeping it all to myself.

I love to see how my success can positively impact those around me, and it’s really rewarding to see my team and people around me grow and thrive.


How have you found the quick development of your team over this year?

Fantastic! I have found it a bit of a challenge to keep high-performing individuals motivated now I’m not just focusing on my own goals, but theirs too. As a manager you really need to get into the mindset of your team members; find out what keeps them motivated, and work with them to find out their goals.

On the other hand, I love seeing consultants come in that were in the same situation in terms of lifestyle as I was – paying off debts with a goal to be financially independent. I can then support them and get them to take a step back and realise how much they’ve grown. It’s also really rewarding knowing I’ve made good choices with my team members – everyone within our team has the same sort of vision for themselves and the team, which really helps in the long term.


What are your plans for your team in terms of development?

Our goal is to be the best automation recruitment team globally. To do this, we’re hiring more people, looking at new emerging markets with innovative technologies and creating subdivisions within automation, which means the possibility for more promotions into roles that don’t even exist yet, which is really exciting.

In terms of a short-term goal, I’m aiming to double the size of our team by end of next year!


Do you find your environment supportive of your career, and how important do you think that is for career growth?

Definitely! Initial plans for my growth and the future of the team have been empowered by the directors from the start. Without the trust and flexibility from them, I wouldn’t have been able to start this in the first place. We’re constantly bringing in people to map new markets, meaning all of the team are encouraged by their peers, and we can share ideas in terms of developing the team.

The company has moved quickly with its development; it never seems to stop. There are always new ideas from the directors and we receive some fantastic outlooks from motivational speakers. Our external trainers are also a fantastic help. We recently had talks from Michelle Flynn regarding mental health and Jamie Peacock regarding leadership and team building, both of which were super motivating!


What are your future goals and ambitions?

There is no end goal! For me it’s a continuous upward spiral, which is what makes it so exciting! I think in terms of my own personal goals going forward, I’d like to continuously be recognised as an expert in my industry, keep growing as a team to be able to open more opportunities, and continue being a leader in a high-performing team.


What are your personal highlights from your time here?

Where do I start?! My fourth promotion in just under four years was a huge achievement for me. Also, the awards I’ve received since being at CrimsonXT. I was the company’s top biller in my second year of working here. I was ‘Top Performing New Starter’ during my first couple of years and also received the quarterly ‘Impact on the Business’ award last year!

Team highlights have to include being one of the fastest growing teams in CrimsonXT, hiring new consultants who have gone on to win ‘Top Performing New Starter’, and being ridiculously close to hitting £1m as a team this year!


What lessons have you learnt along the way?

I’ve definitely learnt that everyone has a different way of learning, and everyone has very unique motivations that you need to adapt to. Not everything works for the same person, so it’s about learning and growing with your team. I’ve also learnt that short term goals are way shorter than you think!


And finally, what advice would you give to anyone looking to develop in their career?

I would say to understand what you define as success. Identify your strengths and play to them and put yourself out of your comfort zone! In most careers you need to be resilient to knock-backs and learn from your mistakes. Also remind yourself daily why you come into work – this will give you the motivation to succeed.


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